Licensed & Insured, Professional Mold Remediation Services Provider

Mold Breauxs is here to help the people of Louisiana feel safe in their homes by eliminating mold and other pathogens in a quick, stress-free, and affordable process using our Dry Fogging service. Besides Mold Remediation we also offer Water Mitigation, Demo, and Cleaning Services. We can even assist you with your build back and renovation needs using, trusted, Licensed and Insured Contractors.

We provide a Dry Fogging Treatment, for Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

As Louisiana natives, we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to discover mold in your home or office. This is why we are serving the people of Louisiana, helping them to feel confident they are in a mold free and sterile environment.

We also have a combined 30 years of experience in the industry, and have all come from business backgrounds to create a mold remediation company that focuses on customer care with Louisiana southern hospitality. By using a less-invasive dry fogging treatment, we’re able to quickly and efficiently make a space pathogen free, and allow the customer to feel safe coming back into their home or work space that same day. Our results at Mold Breauxs have been tested and proven, by third party Industrial Hygienists & Certified Inspectors, to be successful at destroying all surface and airborne mold. We stand behind our product and that’s why we offer our customers a 1 year warranty on the services we provide.


Traditional treatment only removes and replaces visible mold, but what about the live mold you can’t see? Instead of just treating the visibly affected areas, we treat the entire home with our dry fog, including the AC system and ductwork. This ensures all mold spores, whether surface or airborne, will be eliminated while leaving the environment sterilized. Only dry fogging the entire building can guarantee killing all mold in the entire structure and most importantly the living envelope.
Mold Breauxs primarily provides mold remediation using an effective, state of the art, dry fog treatment in order to eliminate all pathogens. This leaves your home free of mold & mold spores, bacteria and viruses. After an extensive and thorough scrub & wipe-down of the now sterile home, an antimicrobial is applied to all surfaces & objects in the building, using our electrostatic sprayers. This protective antimicrobial coating prevents further mold growth long after our treatment has been completed, as backed by our 1 year guarantee.
You don’t have to worry about your loved ones, employees, or pets having adverse health effects caused by mold and other pathogens. All chemicals used in our process are EPA verified to be non-toxic and eco-friendly, and are the same chemicals used to sterilize surgical rooms, medical supplies, processing plants, and food establishments. After we have completed our service, you’ll be free from bacteria, viruses, visible mold, as well as potentially dangerous airborne mold spores, all while leaving your home or office smelling fresh and clean.

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