About Us

Finding out that you have mold in your living space can be overwhelming and even bring anxiety with concerns for your home, office, business, your health, and the health of others. At Mold Breauxs we will take care of your mold problems, effectively removing all visible and airborne mold, as well as preventing mold from growing. We’ve served home owners, property managers, businesses, and even hospitals. We even take care of it in the same day, eliminating the hassle of temporary relocation.

Louisiana is one of the most humid states in America. The high humidity, moisture, and heat provides mold with the perfect environment to thrive. The health concerns that come along with mold can be the worst of the news. At Mold Breauxs, we have been on a mission to help our customers & fellow Louisianans, by helping eliminate and prevent mold growth through our time efficient and cost-effective methods. Furthermore, our chemicals are EPA approved and provide you, your family & friends, coworkers & employees and pets with the safe pathogen free environment y’all deserve.


As Louisianians, we know from experience how expensive mold remediation can be. We are here to change that. Our dry fogging & cleaning services are an effective way to eradicate the mold while still being extremely affordable.


Our dry fogging & extensive cleaning method of remediation typically takes from 6 to 8 hours instead of days to even weeks like other methods.
Not only is our chemical effective for killing surface and airborne mold spores, but the EPA has also approved this chemical as an effective agent against harder-to-kill viruses, including but not limited, to SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Let us at Mold Breauxs give you the peace of mind of not only a mold free home, but a home safeguarded from viruses and bacteria.

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